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Getting Started

This page contains forms that may be required of you in order to be eligible for financial aid. Please fill out the forms that your program representative, success coach, or student financial services request from you. It is not necessary to fill out a form unless requested to do so.

14.15 FAFSA Online Process (.pdf, 163K)
14.15 Direct Loan Online Instructions (.pdf, 154K)
14.15 FERPA (.pdf, 87K)
Verification Documents - Students
14.15 Verification Worksheet (.pdf, 211K)
14.15 Federal Tax Return Verification (.pdf, 262K)
14.15 Proof of Selective Service (.pdf, 206K)
14.15 Student Statement of Non-Filing (.pdf, 160K)
14.15 Student Untaxed Income Verification (.pdf, 287K)
14.15 Student Asset Worksheet (.pdf, 106K)
14.15 Student Income Statement (.pdf, 165K)
14.15 Student Projected Income Statement (.pdf, 157K)
14.15 Student Statement of Separation or Divorce (.pdf, 168K)
14.15 UEH – Unusual Enrollment History (.pdf, 194K)
14.15 V2 SNAP Verification (.pdf, 89K)
14.15 V3 Child Support Paid Verification (.pdf, 99K)
14.15 V4 Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose (.pdf, 233K)
14.15 Verification of Citizenship (.pdf, 115K)
14.15 Verification of Eligible Non-Citizen (.pdf, 166K)
14.15 Verification of Legal Dependents (.pdf, 130K)
14.15 Ability to Benefit (.pdf, 244K)
Verification Documents - Parents
14.15 Parent Statement on Non-Filing (.pdf, 106K)
14.15 Parent Untaxed Income Verification (.pdf, 290K)
14.15 Parent Asset Worksheet (.pdf, 96K)
14.15 Parent Income Statement (.pdf, 165K)
14.15 Parent Projected Income Statement (.pdf, 157K)
14.15 Parent Statement of Separation or Divorce (.pdf, 115K)
14.15 Parent FAFSA Refusal Form (.pdf, 105K)
Federal Direct Loans - Students and Parents
14.15 Parent PLUS Loan Worksheet (.pdf, 176K)
14.15 Certificate After Total Disability (.pdf, 197K)
14.15 Unresolved Defaulted Loan (.pdf, 102K)
14.15 Loan Exit Instructions (.pdf, 188K)
Cal Grant
14.15 Cal Grant Verification (.pdf, 117K)
14.15 Cal Grant Record Change (.pdf, 100K)
Military Forms
14.15 Statement of Active Duty (.pdf, 91K)
Staff Benefit Form

(University College employees, you will find the staff benefit form on your ADP portal.)

14.15 APU Staff Benefit Form (.pdf, 133K)
Satisfactory Academic Progress
14.15 SAP Appeal (.pdf, 105K)
14.15 SAP Academic Plan (.pdf, 209K)
14.15 SAP Policy Basic (.pdf, 31K)
14.15 SAP Policy Full (.pdf, 201K)
Miscellaneous Forms
14.15 Company Reimbursement Form (.pdf, 201K)
14.15 Professional Judgment Request (.pdf, 171K)
Employee Verification Form - Riverside County (.pdf, 107K)
Name and Address Change Form (.pdf, 123K)
Payment Plan Agreement (.pdf, 258K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

Cougar Bucks Request

You may be eligible for a book voucher, in the form of "Cougar Bucks," to help with the cost of textbooks if you have excess funds available from your financial aid. You may use these Cougar Bucks to purchase textbooks online from the APU Bookstore. To submit a request, please fill out a Cougar Bucks Request form (opens new window).

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