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Getting Started in the 2016-2017 Award Year

This page contains forms that may be required of you in order to be eligible for financial aid. Please complete the forms required that your program representative, success coach or Student Financial Services requests from you.  It is not necessary to complete a form unless requested to do so.  

If you have not yet completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please see the instructions listed below:

FAFSA Online Process (.pdf, 270K)
2016-2017 V4 Verification

If you are chosen for the V4 Verification, you will see an outstanding document on your Learner Portal that says “V4 Verification Required.”  Please complete the document below:

V4 Verification (.pdf, 557K)
399 Code Resolution

If you are chosen for the “399 Code Resolution” you will see an outstanding document on your missing document letter and on your Learner Portal that says “399 Code Resolution.” 

  • If you are an independent student, please complete the Student 399 Code Resolution. 
  • If you are a dependent student, please complete the Student 399 Code Resolution and your parent will need to complete the Parent 399 Code Resolution.
399 Code Resolution Student (.pdf, 230K)
399 Code Resolution Parent (.pdf, 227K)
2016-2017 Student Documents
Identity Verification and Statement of Educational Purpose (.pdf, 431K)
Proof of Eligible Non-Citizenship (.pdf, 274K)
Proof of High School Completion (.pdf, 219K)
Proof of Identity Theft (.pdf, 278K)
Proof of Independent Status (.pdf, 317K)
Proof of Selective Service (.pdf, 225K)
Proof of U.S. Citizenship (.pdf, 171K)
Student Estimated Income (.pdf, 313K)
Student Untaxed Income (.pdf, 440K)
Student Resources & Expenses (.pdf, 317K)
Student Statement of Separation/Divorce (.pdf, 270K)
Unusual Enrollment History Verification (.pdf, 264K)
Verification Worksheet (.pdf, 714K)
2016-2017 Parent Documents
Parent Estimated Income (.pdf, 313K)
Parent Untaxed Income (.pdf, 443K)
Parent FAFSA Refusal (.pdf, 220K)
Parent Resources & Expenses (.pdf, 317K)
Parent Statement of Separation/Divorce (.pdf, 229K)
Verification of Parent Identity (.pdf, 232K)
2016-2017 Federal Direct Loans – Students and Parents
Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling & Master Promissory Note Instructions (.pdf, 244K)
Student Loan Worksheet (.pdf, 317K)
Grad PLUS Loan Worksheet (.pdf, 319K)
Parent PLUS Loan Worksheet_2016 (.pdf, 571K)
Certification After Total Disability (.pdf, 284K)
Defaulted Loan Resolution (.pdf, 206K)
NSLDS Aggregate Loan Limits Met (.pdf, 207K)
NSLDS Active Bankruptcy (.pdf, 204K)
NSLDS Data Mismatch (.pdf, 112K)
NSLDS Loan Fraud​ (.pdf, 113K)
Loan Overlap Clearance (.pdf, 114K)
2016-2017 Cal Grant
Cal Grant Transfer Entitlement (.pdf, 246K)
2016-2017 Satisfactory Academic Progress
SAP Suspension Appeal (.pdf, 587K)
SAP Academic Plan (.pdf, 277K)
2016-2017 Miscellaneous Forms
APU Staff Benefit Request (.pdf, 169K)
Grant Overpayment Clearance (.pdf, 205K)
Company Reimbursement (.pdf, 207K)
Professional Judgment Request (.pdf, 435K)
FERPA (.pdf, 122K)
Employee Verification Form - Riverside County (.pdf, 107K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

The Office of Student Financial Services is here to assist you through the financial aid process. View the presentation below to learn more about financial aid at University College and how the office can support you.

SFS PowerPoint Presentation

Student Loan Worksheet

Prepare for your future:

Use this worksheet to understand and plan for your college expenses.

Student Loan Worksheet.pdf 

Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarship Information

Grad Ready: Need help managing your tuition, budget or bills?

Cougar Bucks Request

You may be eligible for a book voucher, in the form of "Cougar Bucks," to help with the cost of textbooks if you have excess funds available from your financial aid. You may use these Cougar Bucks to purchase textbooks online from the APU Bookstore. To submit a request, please fill out a Cougar Bucks Request form (opens new window).

Net Price Calculator

University College offers an innovatively priced education to fit the needs of today's learners, providing a flexible and accessible pathway to an Azusa Pacific University degree. Affordable tuition is just a starting point. With financial aid—including grants, which do not have to be repaid—the real cost of college could be less than you think.

As part of our partnership with you to achieve your educational goals, we are pleased to provide this Net Price Calculator to assist you in early financial aid planning for college.

In a few simple steps, that will take about 3 minutes, you can get an estimate of what federal and state financial aid you may be eligible for, and find out how affordable this investment in your future can be.

Access the Net Price Calculator at (opens new window).